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UNIX birthday tracker. No dependencies, just a ~100 lines of pure C99.


162 day(s)      Name Surname
10 day(s)       Me
32 day(s)       Some day in the future
0 day(s)        Billy
-89 day(s)      Albert Einstein
-102 day(s)     Frédéric Chopin

Negative numbers indicate those who have already had a birthday this year.


git clone https://github.com/kovmir/bdayer.git
cd bdayer
sudo make install


Create a text file with each line of the following format:

# <day>,<month>,<anything>
# Like that...
11,21,Name Surname
07,14,Some day in the future

03,14,Albert Einstein
03,01,Frédéric Chopin

# Comments are allowed, empty lines are skipped.
# I am going to call this file a roster.

Then invoke bdayer like that:

export BDAYER_ROSTER=/path/to/roster # Put it in your shell's rc file.

Put your roster in Git, then use its power to sync it across machines and commit changes. bdayer never edits your roster, instead it will let your favorite text editor do the job.


Q: How do I sort birthdays depending on how soon they are?

A: bdayer | sort -n or bdayer | sort -rn to reverse the order.

Q: How do I exclude those who have already had a birthday this year?

A: bdayer | grep -v ^-

Q: How to sort and exclude those whose birthdays have already been?

A: bdayer | grep -v ^- | sort -n

Q: How do I see who has a birthday today?

A: bdayer | grep ^0.

Q: How do I fit all of my birthdays into the screen?

A: bdayer | less.

Q: How do I see 2 most soonish birthdays?

A: bdayer | grep -v ^- | sort -n | head -n2

Q: How do I avoid typing long commands?

alias bsn='bdayer | grep -v ^- | sort -n | head -n2' # In your shell's rc file.
bsn # And then it is just the three characters.

Q: How do I ...?

A: I think you got the point.

Q: Right, but how do I ...?

A: The source code is available.


When submitting PRs, please maintain the coding style used for the project.