A collection of useful Perl scripts of mine
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A collection of useful Perl scripts of mine


Formats a given GitHub URL to give you a cURL/wget friendly archive name of the form $NAME-$TAG.(tar.gz|zip). Useful for creating software packages.

For instance: ghurl https://github.com/unInstance/untldr/archive/refs/tags/v1.1.0.zip outputs https://github.com/unInstance/untldr/archive/v1.1.0/untldr-v1.1.0.zip.

ghurl <github_archive_tag_url>


Tracks Nova Poshta Global packages, simply invoke the script and pass the track number as its first argument. Just a web crawler for this website.

nptrack <your_track_number>

Example Output


Tells you what are the current free game deals at Epic Game Store. Just a web crawler for this article.

Example output:

Current deal (August 25 - September 01): Ring of Pain & Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack
Upcoming deal: Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition, Submerged: Hidden Depths, Knockout City - Armazillo DLC Pack

freepicg # Simply invoke the script


A bloat-free way to alter screen brightness on Linux laptops. Reads and writes numerical values to /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight.

xbl      # Shows current and maxmimal brightness level.
xbl 3500 # Sets brightness to 3500 (run the above command to get the info).
xbl +40  # Add 40 to the current brightness level.
xbl -200 # Subtracts 200 from the current brightness level.

If the value you are trying to set is more than the maxmimal one, then xbl sets the highest possible. If you try to set less than zero, then xbl sets zero.


FreeBSD OSS per program volume control (or Per Program MIX)

ppmix <program_name> 10
ppmix <program_name>
ppmix <program_name> +17
ppmix <program_name> +4:-5